dresser entertainment center

Dresser Entertainment Center

So…..if you love Pinterest like I do then you’ve probably versed some of these cute DIY entertainment centers. Well, we decided to try and do one for our living room and we LOVE it! We got it done in one weekend and it made a huge variance. Check out our Upgraded Dresser to Entertainment Center!! I’ll show you how we did our untried entertainment concentrate, but the project can totally be changed up and personalized to fit your needs.
dresser entertainment center 1

Dresser Entertainment Center

Dresser Entertainment Center

WOW! I love that paint color. You did a wonderful job, and the dresser seem great as your new entertainment center. I spent the weekend refinishing a buffet and a few other pieces, and I’m worn the affliction as my amusement center. I love real wood and old! Anyhoo, I found you via the Pin Me sausages party, and I’m linchpin this!
dresser entertainment center 2

Dresser Entertainment Center

WOW! I love that paint color. You did a wonderful job, and the dresser looks great as your new entertainment center. I spent the weekend refinishing a buffet and a few other pieces, and I’m using the buffet as my entertainment center. I love real wood and old-fashioned! Anyhoo, I found you via the Pin Me link party, and I’m pinning this! T’onna @ Navy Wifey Peters Aboard the USS Crafty
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Dresser Entertainment Center

That was it. The conversion was pretty unadorned, and now we have the perfect mini entertainment center to sit under our wall-mounted stale protect TV. All in, it cost just under $50 (and about four hours of our time) to turn that old, rotting dresser into a funky new entertainment center.
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Dresser Entertainment Center

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Dresser Entertainment Center

Since I have been on a DIY kick lately (see refinished dresser and farmhouse hutch!), I started searching craigslist and profit stores, looking for the perfect dresser or table to turn into a console table. After a couple weeks of not finding anything, I was getting oh really nettled because 1.) I really wanted to take the tv down, and 2.) I wanted our living office to keep circuit in the right direction. Then, on a whim I decided to stop into this thrift store we were surpassingly one Saturday, and found the PERFECT dresser. Sure, it was missing some hardware, and one of the drawers was fully broken and jammed inside, but I had a vision. We choice it up the next day and I got to work!
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Dresser Entertainment Center

If you have an old dresser that you are not using or if you find one at a yard sale this summer, you can easily turn it into a TV console. This is a great project that is easy and very inexpensive. In fact, if you already have a dresser to use, you can do the internal project for less than $30 and get a encourage that anticipate like you picked it up at Pottery Barn. Instructions here Domesticsuperhero old dresser into tv console.
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It wasn’t the prettiest thing ever, but it had character and was all wood. It had been painted over more than once, but that didn’t stop me. I am not one who loves to do a lot of prep work or who even does things the “becoming way” all of the time. But it either works out, or I learn a commendable doctrine! Here is what you’ll need to make your own Upgraded Dresser to Entertainment Center!
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Thanks, Dezzy! I used the color sprayer to paint the dresser. I used the cheapo trundle to paint the boards that made up the shelf because I had painted the dresser with the sprayer days before and it wasn’t desert it to me to destroy out the sprayer, mix the paint, and usage the sprayer so I opted for the cheapo roller. I necessity the same primer and thinner (Penetrol). Hope that makes sense!
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Hi Chelsea, I was reading your post about your dresser-devote-TV console and I had a few questions. Let me start by saying the piece face beautiful! I sketch a lot of furniture out here in California and defect to more about the Floetral and Penetral (sp?). Now, I do have Floetral in my “tool kit”, but I have to admit I don’t use it that much. I guess my question is this…When your painting and or primering do you follow the manufacturer’s directions for the additive exactly or do you “apple” how much you pouring in? For exmaple, I’m currently painting a credenza and I pour my primary into a tray without mensurative how much I put in. How have are you with measuring the additive to the paint/rprimer ratio? In that same post, I also remark that you painted the dresser with a sprayer. Me and the sprayer have not been good friends. I bought one from Home Depot to use with our gas compressor and had terrible luck with it. Could you tell me a bit more approximately the Harbor Freight one you have? I have a Harbor Freight right around the angle from me. Just stumbled onto your blog today and loved looking at all your re-do’s. I will definitely add your blog to the listen of blogs I read. Thank you, Katherine
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Step 5: Paint!Show All Items Decided to do the majority of the dresser in a cream, with black ironmongery and black shelves. Definitely easiest to delineate the dresser with the shelves out, lots of tasteless areas to hit with the roller.  Shelves got painted while beyond, both sides to keep it looking as neat as possible.
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Decided to do the majority of the dresser in a creme, with black hardware and black shelves. Definitely easiest to paint the dresser with the shelves out, lots of prostrate areas to hit with the roller.  Shelves gotta painted while outside, both sides to keep it looking as neat as possible.
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It served it’s purpose and gave me track for everything, but it was so big! Plus there was about a 1 foot gap behind this thing that we never shu in and it was such an desight every time I walked by it. I started the search for an old wooden dresser that I could get at a good price. I belong to several online garage sales on Facebook and this is where I found this narrow gem. I will receive it took me several months to find just what I wanted, but you may have an old dresser already that you can use. Of course, now that I have already found one, I see them all the time. We precise up this one for $25!
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Just wanted to assay a huge thank you! We had a flood in our basement last summer and death up extremity a modern entertainment unit (along with everything else). My husband was very doubtful, but liked the idea of free, since we already owned a perfect dresser and usage leftward over paint and materials from our renovation. The results were fantastic! My once skeptical husband now shows it off to everyone who comes over. Thanks a million for the inspiration!!
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I love this Bev!! Just dearth to let you know that I’m form your dresser project in my DIY media center round up tomorrow (with a link back, of manner!). If you would rather not be displayed, that’s fine, just let me know. You did an amazing job:)
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This was quite the sad case, however: a bit moldy, not particularly attractive, warped, cracked and slightly smelly. But there were still some serviceable parts in it, and we needed a trivial sport center in our master bedroom. This was the perfect height.

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