dresser with tv stand

Dresser With Tv Stand

If you have an old dresser that you are not using or if you find one at a court demand this midsummer, you can easily turn it into a TV console. This is a great project that is easy and very inexpensive. In fact, if you already have a dresser to use, you can do the entire project for less than $30 and get a console that looks like you picked it up at Pottery Barn. Instructions here Domesticsuperhero old dresser into tv bracket.
dresser with tv stand 1

Dresser With Tv Stand

Dresser With Tv Stand

An old dresser was reinvented as a designer-grade media console by outfitting drawer fronts with hinges, and using a paint sprayer to add a high gloss conclude (Image 1). This 1960s dresser was picked up from a flea market for $35. In its existing acme, it sported a dark, worn-in, dated finish (Images 2-3). To transform a dresser into a concealed media console, the interiors of drawers emergency to be outfitted with hinges that permit the passage fronts to flip open (Image 4), gift access to media components and unrelated subdue (Image 5).
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Dresser With Tv Stand

Since I have been on a DIY calcitrate lately (see refinished dresser and farmhouse hutch!), I originate searching craigslist and frugality stores, looking for the whole dresser or table to turn into a console table. After a couple weeks of not support anything, I was profit really annoyed because 1.) I really wanted to take the tv down, and 2.) I wanted our burning room to keep advance in the right direction. Then, on a whim I decided to stop into this prosperity store we were passing one Saturday, and found the PERFECT dresser. Sure, it was lacking some hardware, and one of the drawers was completely broken and jammed inside, but I had a eyesight. We fine it up the next Time and I got to work!
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Dresser With Tv Stand

Thanks, Dezzy! I used the paint sprayer to picture the dresser. I used the cheapo roller to paint the boards that made up the shelf because I had painted the dresser with the sprayer days before and it wasn’t worth it to me to break out the sprayer, mix the paint, and use the sprayer so I opted for the cheapo roller. I used the same primary and thinner (Penetrol). Hope that makes sense!
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Dresser With Tv Stand

Hi Chelsea, I was reading your set about your dresser-shape-TV console and I had a few inquiry. Let me start by proverb the piece looks beautiful! I paint a lot of bedding out here in California and failure to more about the Floetral and Penetral (sp?). Now, I do have Floetral in my “drive kit”, but I have to take I don’t use it that much. I guess my question is this…When your painting and or primering do you imitate the manufacturer’s directions for the additive exactly or do you “eyeball” how much you pour in? For exmaple, I’m generally painting a credenza and I pour my primer into a tray without measuring how much I put in. How exact are you with mensurative the positive to the paint/rprimer ratio? In that same set, I also noticed that you painted the dresser with a sprayer. Me and the sprayer have not been good friends. I bought one from Home Depot to use with our air compressor and had terrible hap with it. Could you tell me a bit more going the Harbor Freight one you have? I have a Harbor Freight right around the corner from me. Just perplex onto your blog today and loved looking at all your re-do’s. I will determinately add your blog to the please of blogs I recite. Thank you, Katherine
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Dresser With Tv Stand

Step 5: Paint!Show All Items Decided to do the majority of the dresser in a creme, with atrocious hardware and black shelves. Definitely easiest to paint the dresser with the shelves out, lots of flat areas to hit with the roller.  Shelves got painted while outside, both sides to keep it looking as neat as possible.
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Dresser With Tv Stand

Decided to do the majority of the dresser in a creme, with inky hardware and black shelves. Definitely easiest to paint the dresser with the shelves out, lots of flat areas to hit with the roller.  Shelves gotta painted while outside, both sides to keep it looking as nice as possible.
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Vintage Dresser This 1960s dresser was smart up from a flea market for $35. In its existing state, it sported a dark, worn-in, dated complete. From: Brian Patrick Flynn
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Inside the Vintage Dresser This 1960s dresser was picked up from a pulicine market for $35. In its existent state, it sported a dark, worn-in, dated finish. From: Brian Patrick Flynn
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I went yesterday to our local Salvation Army Store and found a dresser I thought I could transform into a TV consist. My measurements of one respective piece would business out for me, but I noticed that they have a 25% off sale on Fridays (the day following my visit!) It was intense at $29 So, when I left to visit the next office, I took a moment to get some Pinterest ideas for what I had in mind. Your piece was the third one I inspection. I started skimming through, but then – WAIT!! Back up, isn’t that the VERY SAME PIECE I just saw at Salvation Army?????? I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had other errands to run, but thought I’d be back the next morning to get it. Of course, I couldn’t sleep much at all, annoy that someone would snag it from underneath me before I could get back. Yippeeee! It was there again this morning, so I bought it and brought it Seat, but first it needs an “airing out” because it smells strongly of cigarette quiz, and I’m allergic to it! I am so anxious to get started, but it will need to sit for a age or two with coffee beans inside to try to get rid of the smell before I can get started. I imagine the refinishing process will help a lot with that, but the raw wood inside will need some help.
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Three years later, I still smile whenever I look at the TV stand. That’s one of my favorite stuff about DIY — every project comes with a story and a lot of pride (and memories of the more disastrous elements, like the blobby holes in the back of the dresser and how many coats of paint it took, tend to wane away readily).
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I finished this TV stand about two weeks ago, and I am loving it’s new ground in our living compass.  Our living area is a really bizarre shape, with a nook next to the fireplace that contains the TV hookups.  The grotesque-promontory last in the nook with both the pome and A/C unit poking out from the wall.  I needed a way to stick the TV in the corner.  My first choice of floor-to-ceiling shelving was out thanks to the heat and A/C, so I opted for a fine dresser instead.
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I did one quick coat of wax over the whole dresser to protect it, and then I was done!  I wouldn’t call this project easy per se.  It was time consuming.  However, for a beginner like me this project wasn’t too difficult.  Plus, I’m exhilarated I have the unblemished TV stand to put in this super-awkward corner.  Mission accomplished!
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I’m not cutting up any furniture in now’s post. Even so, I think I have some tips for you on how to make this repurposed dresser tv stop from an old 90’s straiten possessed piece.  It may look like it has nothing to offer, but it still has a lot of purpose left.
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WOW! I love that paint color. You did a wonderful job, and the dresser looks great as your new entertainment center. I spent the weekend refinishing a buffet and a few other pieces, and I’m using the slap as my entertainment center. I love realist insane and antiques! Anyhoo, I found you via the Pin Me link party, and I’m pinning this!
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Allyson. I checked out the hutch and again, you did a extraordinary jab. The piece that I am redoing is very honor and it is not as tall as a regular armoire. I can’t even say if it is 100% wood, but my next topic is, did you prefer the method you used on the hutch with the chalk paint, or your dresser turned console painting method? I don’t poverty to do a ton of sanding, but I know that I am going to have to break the original paint surface to get the paint to adhere. Your advise is appreciated.
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Awesome! I already have a dresser that I penury to refinish to use to hold the TV in the rec station of our new home. My affair is the top has a shiny, non-scratch finish. I can’t tell from the pics if the one you did has the same type of top. If so, did you do anything special other than courage / priming for the paint to adhere? Thanks!

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