z gallerie mirrored dresser

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

If you poverty certified light and commonplace flair in your asylum, go for the courageous invoke of mirrored furniture. At Z Gallerie, we don’t take honor for starting the trend, but mirrored bedding has hunger been part of our repertoire, as our designers and stylists recognize the benefits of mirrored pieces in a space.Adding a polished, glam appeal in a room, mirrored furnishings set a dramatic tone, induce a neutral hint of shine in unexpected places, while reflecting back the space. We offer our Simplicity Collection chests in various configurations, contain five- and six-drawer chests. The uncombined design finished with beveled mirrored surfaces and accented with silver leaf trim demonstrates style commingled with restraint. Our perennially popular Borghese Collection, whose champagne gilt wood trim details complement antique sloping old surfaces, transude modest Regency-style glamour. For a simply stunning dining experience, incorporate pieces from our Omni Collection. The character-copious dining scheme takes solid kiln-dried Para wood and finishes it out in antiqued mirror, trimmed with argent beading and silver leafing. The collection also comprises cabinets, chests, end tables, support tables, and benches. Mirrored furniture doesn’t have to be all shine, as proved with the Pascual Console Table. Mimicking the look of a reclaimed object, a hand-in trouble metallic-champagne wood frame is inset with a lens tabletop and antiqued looking-glass base.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 1

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

The resolution was that there was nothing they could do (or wanted to do). Their reasons: As far as the paint overspray and missing paint in some areas, this was something that I should have addressed with them when the furniture arrived. So if that had been the only question, I guess I would have been stuck with the dresser, still. As far as the top of the dresser becoming variegated because a plasma TV on its stand had been placed on it goes, they say it could have been the TV’s weakness. So let me get this straight, I set my TV on the Z Gallerie dresser (what a crazy impression. Who sets their TV on top of their dresser, correct?).
z gallerie mirrored dresser 2

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

It is now Wednesday 7-11-2012 and no phone call for the THIRD delivery, and no calls from customer benefit. I am livid over this state. I have never ordered from Z Gallerie before, and I will NEVER direction again, unless Z Gallerie makes this situation right. I have been more than patient and have not once gotten upset or been unpolished to any of the commit people or customer service support.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 3

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

April 22, 2012 Sunday: I called Z Gallerie. I colloquy to a maness and told her we purchased “œBlueworld of Water” yesterday and would alike to requite it today. She asked me if that was on demand. I told her, ay it was. She said Z Gallerie’™s sale items cannot be returned. I was shocked. I asked her how am I think to know that? She exhibit me if the sales person told me that. I told her that “œNO, he did not.” She said “but Ma’am our sale items are final sale.” I asked her again, “How am I supposed to recognize that if the sales person do not tell me?”
z gallerie mirrored dresser 4

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

Anyway, on the dresser, I noticed that they had oversprayed the lacquer onto the mirror facing, in addition to their being undersprayed areas on the dresser as well. And there are orderly other small details that scream that the dresser was made in China by people who don’t care about nature. I was able to permit these flaws because I thought that I could fix it myself but after seeing the cheap paint get discolored because I had my TV sitting on the dresser, I had to call.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 5

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

Borghese mirrored chest, valid at Z Gallerie. This is the chest that seems to be pictured in many of the inspirational images in this post. I saw this one in person at Z Galerie and it is very nice looking. I would swap out the lump as they are moldable looking, but the design of the chest is great.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 6

Z Gallerie Mirrored Dresser

Bedroom Blues Jenny Bernheim, founder of fashion and lifestyle blog Margo & Me craved a bedroom look as colorful and chic as her fashion aesthetic. photography by jessica alexander The space is a consummate matrimony of us, clean with a little bit of beard and just the right amount of odor. More colorful inspiration in I love the way our mirrored furniture catches enlightenment in the room. Paired with a perfectly tufted bed, it takes chic elegance to a whole new horizontal. Z Gallerie's Spring collection, with its varying shades of silver and cerulean, is out of this world.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 7

At 72'' wide, you won't have to fight over drawer space with your husband, AND it will apt completely along the 73″ wall between the two doors. Concerto 6 Drawer Dresser; Z Gallerie; $999.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 8

Z Gallerie has the worst customer benefit. Their furniture is absolute bollocks. I ordered 10 pieces of furniture from there to furnish my new Seat, and half of it came damaged. The process true to get ahold of someone regarding this situation has been frightful, not to mention their ** return policy, or lack thereof. It is impossible to get a hold of anyone, and once you do, it is impossible to get a resoluteness. I am extremely disappointment. I still have yet to examine back from anyone, and at this point am thrust with damaged furniture. It is extremely overpriced, and horrible quality and I will never ransom from them again.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 9

It was odd in the middle and looked as if the middle of the leaf was warped or uneven, purpose it to dip in the middle and not lay even with the end of the table. The delivery support tried and tried to fix it, but nothing worked. He told me I would have to contact customer office again. I made a note on the pronounce slip, and he left. I immediately called buyer service and asked to go directly to a manager. I was directed to ** who was very apologetic and asked me how I would inclination this situation resolved and what I expected Z Gallerie to do. I told her, I just wanted the table in good condition and I lack to stop this ridiculous process once and for all.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 10

** just traverse away without saying anything. Then ** came back after few record and told me that my husband is not there. I told ** that he is coming. He told me that he will bring the items to the dock himself. He showed me the way outside where the dock was and took me there. I waited for ** at the dock. ** came with one also after few minutes. Then with another detail after another few minutes. I above-mentioned thanks to him and then he traverse away. We came back home and Loos and induct the item. However, it did not fit in our space as we wait. We had to pack the item back, so we can return it the next day to Z Gallerie.
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When there’s a need for magic in a bedroom space, a mirrored bedside chest or nightstand will beyond doubt do the trick! A reflective surface is another layer to consider when designing a sophisticated master or guest bedroom. A mirrored piece of furniture guarantees late odor, and like all mirrors, will pull more light into the compass.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 13

I never really hired much attention to mirrored drapery until a handsome mirrored chest was brought to my inn during the recent living room and dining room induct. It was a floor model that was brought as an contract for a vestibule near the master bedroom. It wasn’t in the best of shape, but the idea was to see how it looked and order a new one if it worked well. Surprisingly, I liked it. It added a contemptible bit of sparkle and interest to the roam.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 14

I have always been a fan of a touch of glam, but just a touch. Generally mirrored chests seem to cross over into “more glam” category. However, when looking through some inspiration pictures, I startle noticing mirrored chests in the portfolios of some of my favorite designers and in some of my favorite rooms.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 15

Mirrored chests seem to be a popular choice for bedside tables. This effigy, via Veranda (design by Suzanne Kasler), shows the mirrored chest style that came to my house on instate day. It is the Ceres Cabinet by Panache Design.
z gallerie mirrored dresser 16

Although many of the inspiration pictures I found were in bedrooms, I also found plenty of mirrored chests in other rooms of the house. This mirrored chest, in a design by Studio M Interiors (in Minnesota), is used in an upstairs hall.

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